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With Remotewatch © manned security is no longer required...

Are you a business owner concerned about your spend on manned guards?

Are you a business owner concerned about metal theft?

Are you a builder concerned about leaving your site exposed overnight?

Remotewatch Business Live CCTV is the solution.

Our Remotewatch © solution offers remote CCTV monitoring with audio warnings for all types of businesses. With Remotewatch © manned security is no longer required and with visual verification false alarms are eliminated. The result? Your business saves a huge amount of money and in return a state of the art security system will be protecting your assets.

Remotewatch © Business in Operation

With our unique system we will discreetly monitor your business from our monitoring centre. Should an intruder break a beam on your perimeter or boundary wall, live images will immediately present in our monitoring centre and trained operators will warn the intruder that they are being watched and that Gardai have been informed.

Additional services

We can also remotely control your exit/entry barriers in your business, remotely unset and set your alarm systems, and provide routine patrols during the night for your business. In essence we can provide a manned security solution for a fraction of the cost.

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