Benefits to alarm installation companies of connecting into our state of the art monitoring centre

  • Personal service for your customers
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Long Range Radio Monitoring
  • State of the art alarm monitoring for existing systems

Long Range Radio Monitoring

Our EN50136 approved Long Range Radio Network provides your clients with a monitoring service which has been proven to be more secure than a telephone landline or GSM/GPRS connection.

Business and home owners can take advantage of our COMREG licensed, Long Range Radio Network. Working closely with your current security provider, we can help you improve your alarm system so that it can be connected to our Radio Network and monitored by our dedicated monitoring centre. This will make your alarm system “immune” to GSM/GPRS jamming devices.

Malicious telephone line cutting and GSM/GPRS jammers

In 2009, GSM/GPRS jammers began appearing at the scene of crimes in Ireland. After some investigation it became clear that these devices were being used to block the signalling from a monitored premises back to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). These same criminals were also cutting the telephone line to ensure that both possible forms of communication back to the ARC were rendered redundant.

The influx of jammers has huge implications for alarm monitoring in Ireland. At Alarm Control 24, we set about trying to find an alternative form of alarm monitoring. One that was not reliant on an overdburdened cellular network or an outdated telephone line network…

The solution

We researched the world marketplace and it became very clear what the best alternative was….Long Range Radio Monitoring. This form of monitoring is totally secure against GSM/GPRS jammers, is wireless and can send signals in a format fully compliant with the Garda Policy on Monitored Alarms. This form of monitoring is used on over 80 countries worldwide and the company we have partnered with, KP Electronic Systems have been the world leader in radio based technology for over 25 years. KP Electronic Systems have to date sold over 2,000,000 transmitter and receiver units in 80 countries and they are partnering exclusively with Alarm Control 24 in Ireland.

Long Range Radio Monitoring is totally secure. Our network is completely private, COMREG licensed and is not used for anything other than the transmission of alarm signals. The signalling over our network back to our monitoring station is fully encrypted and the information cannot be compromised in any way. There are no cables that can be cut and the technology is totally secure against GSM/GPRS Jammers. How? Our ATR100 Radio transmitter cannot be blocked by GSM/GPRS jammers as the signalling does not take place on the cellular network. Instead it takes place on our own private network.

If you have concerns that your current system could be jammed, ask the question of your current provider – Can my system be blocked by GSM/GPRS jammers? And ask for confirmation in writing.